WWYFF Zombie Apocalypse 3

WWYFF Zombie Apocalypse 3

by: YangXiaolong

Recap: You met T.K and Lucan and is now sleeping in the Bronco.

There's no hit or miss answer or any answers that are getting killed off. Only four guys and four answers from now on, unless notified otherwise.

Sorry it took long. My laptop charger decided to break T^T and I made it so long it took time to fill in the answers but I'll get the next one out as soon as I can. So, sorry in advance on getting them done slowly.

Rated: Mature

  1. 1

    You guys drive to the front door seeing an arrow pointing inside and park. "Those idiots," T.K said shaking his head. "I bet it was Alec's idea," Cole growled, looking very pissed as she hopped out.

  2. 2

    You walk over as Lucan fastens an arrow into a crossbow and pulls on a bag with extra arrows over his shoulders while Zane pulls out a shotgun, grinning childishly, and shoves ammo into his pockets.

  3. 3

    T.K looks at you then the others and coughs getting their attention. "How is this going to work? We can't leave _ to guard the cars by herself and I don't think she should-" "She'll come with me,"

  4. 4

    "T.K you guard the cars. You know the drill if something goes down." "Should you be leaving him by himself," you ask worried as Cole picks out an AK-47 for you and hands you ammo. "T.K's not much of

  5. 5

    "Why does she have to go with you," Zane snapped. "She'll only be a burden and slow you down. You're better off going by yourself and leaving her with T.K." You glare at him as Lucan stands there calm

  6. 6

    "No I don't want her with me," he objected but then growled when Cole, Lucan and T.K ignored him making plans. "Hey," he shouted. "Then it's settled. Lucan and I will partner off. T.K will stay here

  7. 7

    "But he doesn't even want me to go with him," you object as Zane scowled. "What if he decided to let me die when some Zombie is attacking me?!" "Didn't think about it but now that you mentioned it,"

  8. 8

    "Zane won't let you die," Cole sighed getting annoyed. "Zane may be a douche but I promise you he will protect you with his life." You heard snorts as Zane scowled and saw Lucan and T.K shaking,

  9. 9

    "Let's go," Zane snapped grabbing your hand and dragged you inside, Cole and Lucan following right behind you.

  10. 10

    You guys get to the front desk and see the split. Two hallways leading in opposite directions. The one leading to the East wing had a neon green arrow the West had a neon orange arrow. "We'll take the

  11. 11

    "Keep _ safe Zane," Cole ordered. "I will," Zane scowled but seemed to really mean it. "We'll see you later _," Lucan assured with a warm smile, bringing you some comfort as you nod. The two go down

  12. 12

    It seems to only get darker and darker as you guys follow the glow in the dark arrows and soon Zane decides to turn on the flash light fastened to the shotgun. Your nerves slightly less jittery.

  13. 13

    As you guys walk around you see blood on the walls and even walk by some decayed bodies laying around. "Don't look at them," Zane advises. You nod gulping, trying to get fresh air into your lungs.

  14. 14

    You guys finally make it to the entrance of the East Wing and see many bodies with fresh wounds and blood. "Looks like Alec ran into some," Zane said as he stepped over the bodies to a hall with an

  15. 15

    "Is that anyway to talk about a friend?" You both look forward and see a boy your age carrying two duffle bags slung over his shoulder and a machine gun in each hand. He looks at Zane annoyed but then

  16. 16

    "I'm _," you introduce as he takes your hand and kisses it. "A pleasure meeting you," he winks but soon falls down as Zane punches him over the head. "Don't touch her," Zane snaps, surprising you.

  17. 17

    "Ah you bastard," he groans rubbing his head but still has a smirk on his face like it didn't faze him, as if trying to act tough in front of you. Judging by Zane's smirk you know he hit him harder

  18. 18

    Next thing you know you're being embraced tightly and the boy's head is against your chest and his arms wrapped around your waist, hands on your ass.

  19. 19

    There was a loud whack and soon the boy's on the ground again in the fetal position groaning while Zane's standing in between you two, fuming. "Touch her again and I'll shoot you," he exclaims

  20. 20

    "Are you alright," Zane asks turning to you. Surprisingly he looks really concerned and you can't help blush at his sweet side. "I'm fine," you assure as the boy stands up chuckling. "Who would've

  21. 21

    "Oh looks like Zane's got a little girlfriend. Trying to act tough in front of her," Alec teases, smirking. "I don't have to act tough. That's your job," Zane retorts. The two begin bickering back and

  22. 22

    The two are too busy having a shouting match but you're sure you heard some one or something coughing and clench the gun you're holding. You turn around to tell them to shut up but suddenly a tongue

  23. 23

    "_!!!" You're screaming and struggling, being dragged in the darkness as the two boys call your name and race to get to you. Zane points his gun at the tongue wrapped around you, ready to shoot but is

  24. 24

    You hear something shriek and fly passed you, pounching on top of Zane. It looks like a guy in a hoodie and sweat pants, clawing at him which causes Alec to stop and help. "No! Save _," Zane yells

  25. 25

    Alec looks torn between the two of you but soon the tongue loosens and you hear something grunt, smoke filling up the hall. You start coughing and see an older boy run up to you. He cuts the tongue

  26. 26

    Seeing that you're safe Alec turns around opening fire on the creature which shrieks in pain and agony. By the time he runs out of ammo, the creature's remains are splattered all over the ceiling,

  27. 27

    "I think you mean thank you," Alec retorts starting another shouting match between the two. "Are you ok," the older guy holding you asks as you blush and nod. He puts you down and soon you see Cole

  28. 28

    "What the F^ck is the matter with you two," she yelled. She was so pissed that she was shaking, the two staring up at her surprised while Lucan and your savior stood next to you looking unsympathetic.

  29. 29

    "The next time you both decide to put your fighting before a mission and keeping some one safe I will kill you! Do you understand?!" They both looked away glaring and nodded, muttering, "yes." She

  30. 30

    You guys make it out without any trouble, T.K running over when he sees you guys. "You guys made it back," he says relieved but senses the tension between Cole, Alec and Zane. "What happened," he asks

  31. 31

    "I'm sorry," they both say at once, looking at each other then scowled turning their backs on each other. "I...should've been paying attention to the surroundings instead of arguing with that douche,"

  32. 32

    It went silent but soon they both turned and got in each others face. "Wait. Are you calling me a douche," Zane exclaimed angrily. "You called me one first," Alec smirked with annoyance. You stood

  33. 33

    The two were holding their stomach groaning as T.K laughed and Lucan smiling. "Come on guys we gotta get going," Lucan said as T.K nodded and turned to you. "Come on _ You can get shot

  34. 34

    Lucan starts up the Suburban and follow after the Bronco. You guys are back on the main road within minutes and soon you feel tired and exhausted. "Rest up," Lucan encourages but the silence is

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