TV Trivia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by: Xx_Llama_dudette_xX

You will go through some TV triva questions and then be scored from what you answered.

  1. 1

    Who's name is off friends ( the program, if you dont know who friends are take a guess)

  2. 2

    In Avatar ( blue people ) what were the blue people called

  3. 3

    Who was the director of American movie

  4. 4

    Who plays hancock of Hancock

  5. 5

    In spiderman what is spiderman's costume colours

  6. 6

    in once upon a time what is Emma's job

  7. 7

    On vampire diaries who am i describing, black hair, blue eyes, leather jacket

  8. 8

    BYE BYE :) :)

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