Who would you fall for? Vampire, werewolf, angel, demon, neko NUMERO DOS!

by: monsterponyXD

My deepest apologies for not writing this sooner. In all honesty, I kind of forgot about this account... heh. ANYWAYS, to recap! You are knocked out and have been kidnapped. Good luck :) (And no Jason, I'm not adding a girl. Suck it up.)

  1. 1

    Welcome back! :D

  2. 2

    So! We were up to the part where you passed out, correct?

  3. 3

    While you were unconcious, the two guys took you back to their house. Just as you're waking up you hear voices. "You didn't have to bite her, Dylan." "It was the only way." "Shh, she's waking up!"

  4. 4

    You slowly wake up and rub your eyes. After you do this you realize you haven't been tied up. 'well that's always good...' you think to yourself. 'now i need to figure out who all these people are.'

  5. 5

    You look around at all of them, panicing a little bit. "Who are you guys...Why am I here?" Nobody answered you at first, so you took this moment to study them all.

  6. 6

    After you studied all of them, the shorter one with black hair steps forward. "I'm sorry if we scared you, that's not what we meant to do. We just needed to get you here safely."

  7. 7

    "Was I in danger before?" "Yes. But before we get into that, allow us to introduce outselves. My name is Cole." They all stepped forward and told you their names.

  8. 8

    "But...Aiden has cat ears. Why?!?" "Oh. I guess I should explain that.We're all kind different, I guess. I'm a demon, Dylan's a vampire, Randel is a werewolf, Aiden's a neko, and Jackson's an angel."

  9. 9

    You laughed a little bit. "But those aren't real!" "Of course they're real! How else would you explain this?" Cole and Jackson showed you their wings, while Randel and Dylan bared their fangs.

  10. 10

    You turn to look at Dylan. "You bit me, didn't you?" He nods slowly. "So does this mean I'm a vampire now?" Cole sighed. "We can explain everything at the table. We'll leave so you can get ready."

  11. 11

    That is all for today reader ppls :) So, what did you think?

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