how well do you know harry potter?

by: Teddybearandkitten

i loooove harry potter, but my bf doesnt =(
oh well i know like everything about the books and movies, the thing you?

  1. 1

    in harrys first year at hogwarts how did they get to the castle with hagrid?

  2. 2

    in harrys second year what did he destory?

  3. 3

    in harrys first year who was the man who was trying to get the stone?

  4. 4

    in harrys second year, who sent him a singing valentine?

  5. 5

    in his second year who found the diary first?

  6. 6

    in his thrid year who did harry find out his dad made his god father?

  7. 7

    who is a werewolf?

  8. 8

    in his fourth year what tradgey is harry forced to enter?

  9. 9

    in the fourth year who did harry have a crush on?

  10. 10

    in what book did harry watch his god father die?

  11. 11

    where did harry sleep when at home?

  12. 12

    who does ron marry?

  13. 13

    what is luna love good goods patronus

  14. 14

    what job does hermonies parents have?

  15. 15

    what is the name of the house elf who is framed for casting the dark mark in book four?

  16. 16

    who stole the hoarcoax before harry and dumbledore went to find it in the cave ( tthe necklace)

  17. 17

    who killed voldemorts snake, nagaina

  18. 18

    who is the true owner of the elder wand

  19. 19


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