who would fall for you? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman, or neko part 11

by: nyan_sama

hiiii I'm really sorry this is so long overdue almost a month but my laptop was broken so I really havent been on lately, I dont blame you if your mad but I made this one a little longer then my normal 10 questions :D

  1. 1

    Kevin bursts in looking pissed off to the max and he seems to be dragging something "whats that" Luke askes him "you have a visitor __" "what me"

  2. 2

    "a vistor... for me, why?" you asked "why dont you ask him" Kevin said ripping the tape off his mouth and dropping him "Seth?!" you exclaimed he groaned in response

  3. 3

    you go to untie him but Luke grabs your shoulder "see what he wants first" you helped Seth sit on the couch, he glared at Luke and Kevin "can we have a little privacy?"

  4. 4

    Kevin started to say something but Luke dragged him out of the room "we'll be right outside if you need anything _" Seth turned towards you "we need to get out of here"

  5. 5

    "leave, why" you asked puzzled "well you saw that... that t-thing Kevin is" "thing? Kevins my friend" "_ how much do you really know about him? all of them, I knew them"

  6. 6

    " since when , how" you asked "come with me and I'll tell you" he said

  7. 7

    Tylers POV as I came down the stairs to get some milk I heard talking, I got closer and saw Luke and Kevin talking quietly

  8. 8

    I approached them and I saw worry on their faces "whats up guys" I asked, the more they explained the situation the more worried I got

  9. 9

    __ came out of the room looking weird "he asked me to run away with him" from the corner of my eye I saw the guys tense up

  10. 10

    back to your POV "well are you" Luke asked "are you crazy" you said "I'll go tell him to get lost" Kevin went into the room with Seth and after a few seconds he ran back out "HES GONE"

  11. 11

    "what do you mean hes gone" you said "like hes dissapeared" you were shocked and a little nervous and Luke saw "dont worry we'll make sure he doesn't hurt you" he said

  12. 12

    Luke decided he was going to watch over you that night and you decided to ask him about what Seth said

  13. 13

    "Luke what happened between you and Seth" Luke sighed "well he lived with us a while back and we decided to keep ourselves a secret from him in the beginning and when we told him he went crazy never

  14. 14

    "I'm sorry Luke, your not a freak to me" you said "thanks but we should probably get to sleep" he said to you

  15. 15

    ~ding ding~ your alarm went off at midnight crap its going to wake Luke up you thought fumbling to turn it off as Luke opened his eyes "__"

  16. 16

    gonna end it here because its late and technically I'm not supposed to be on the computer soooo bye then rate messgae comment :)

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