Ministry Placement Questionnaire

by: PastorEvan

This short quiz is intended to help you better understand what area's in ministry could be a great fit for you and to identify what your unique gifts are.

  1. 1

    The idea of standing in front of people and talking is not scary to me.

  2. 2

    I like to listen to others and hear what they have to say.

  3. 3

    I like to work alone.

  4. 4

    It is important to know all of the facts.

  5. 5

    I enjoy getting to know others and typically lead the conversation.

  6. 6

    I like to share what I have learned.

  7. 7

    I tend to get nervous around others.

  8. 8

    I get frustrated by the details.

  9. 9

    I prefer stronger friendship with less people than surface friendship with more people.

  10. 10

    I would rather be the student than the teacher.

  11. 11

    People describe me as outgoing.

  12. 12

    People consider me to be very organized.

  13. 13

    I like to work with my hands.

  14. 14

    I like being a part of team to accomplish a task.

  15. 15

    People have described me as talkative.

  16. 16

    People ask my opinion and seek my advice.

  17. 17

    I prefer to work on one task at a time.

  18. 18

    Spontaneity is exciting to me.

  19. 19

    Creating a routine is helpful to being productive.

  20. 20

    Multi-tasking is frustrating to me.

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