Xwhos ur durarara bfX (girls only)

Xwhos ur durarara bfX (girls only)

by: Emi_Orihara

-Emi- I finished watching this ages ago and i thought, hey why not create a durarara quiz and to be honest the anime's awesome. if i get any of my english wrong or the sentance doesn't make sense than i'm very sorry i'm very bad at the english language XD oh yeh btw i support sakiXmasaomi, walkerXerika and shinraXcelty but i'll still do one anyway just in case there are any masaomi, walker and shinra fangirls

  1. 1

    haruka- well whoever it is its izaya -_- -izaya- yay harry -chan ^^ ~<3 -haruka- STOP CALLING ME THAT IZZY

  2. 2

    haruka-okay end roleplay -emi- that was a short rubbish one... -haruka- don't care i have ramen anyway the last dreaded question what is you favourite colour hides behind shizuo

  3. 3

    Haruka- hey guys i'm emi's twin (i don't think any of you care) but anyway Q1 whats your favourite animal ???

  4. 4

    emi- he asks you if you want to be his secretary with namie hold do you respond ??

  5. 5

    emi- okay okay i lied THIS is the last one so where would you take you date ??

  6. 6

    emi- last question, do you like humans ??? -haruka- LAME

  7. 7

    emi- okie dokie roleplay XD so your walking down the street and you see someone walking towards you, who is it ?

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