(maid sama) Usui Story Quiz

by: CaraH

This is a story quiz that involves YOU making decisions after you meet and have to deal with Usui, and in this YOU hate usui, but will that hatred transform into love?

  1. 1

    "Class, you will need to partner up for a project about jappanese culture, this will be a great opratunity to take advantage of the cultural festival held next week, and I will choose your partner."

  2. 2

    You zone out untill you hear your name. "___ you will be with Usui." You look over at the blonde, and his blue eyes meet yours, you get a weird feeling.

  3. 3

    You walk out of class and Usui stops you. "So, I don't want to bother u, so u do half I do half and I won't be in your way." Usui says & gives you a quick smile. "Unless u want to do it differently."

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