New Girl at Hogwarts

by: AdventurousSlytherin

Running through a brick wall? You have got to be joking! I watched in shock as a family of all redheads, along with a brown haired boy, ran through the bricks between platforms nine and ten. I looked down at my ticket again. Yep, it said nine-and-three-quarters alright. My mum nodded encouragement and I ran, eyes closed, expecting a crash... That never came, I'm glad to say. My eyes shot open, and that's when I got my first look at the Hogwarts Express.

  1. 1

    Finally I was going to Hogwarts. I stared at the train, then tore my eyes away to look back at the bricks in which I'd just come.

  2. 2

    As the conductor called out, I rushed onto the train. I made sure to grab my pet

  3. 3

    After searching the compartments, I couldn't find my friend. I decided I'd have to sit alone, and took a seat in an empty room. Only minutes later, a brown haired girl with bows showed up. "May I?"

  4. 4

    Lavender was nice, and we talked for long. After a while I charmed the windows black and we started changing into our robes. A boy undid the spell and he and his friends saw us mid-change.

  5. 5

    "That was Blaise. Someone told me about him." Lavender told me just as the trian came to a stop. We got off and bumped into... Blaise.

  6. 6

    Lavender and I got a boat to ourselves as we set off over the lake. We rounded the corner, and the first thing we saw was... "Wow!" Lavender and I exclaimed at once, seeing Hogwarts.

  7. 7

    Minutes later we were dumped on the shore and led to a small chamber by an old woman called Professor McGonogall. She went to see if we could enter, then ghosts came in!

  8. 8

    McGonogall came back, and we followed her into the Great Hall. No wonder it was called "Great", it was. magnificent! Four tables, an additional at the front, a starry ceiling, and floating candles!

  9. 9

    We gathered before a stool with a ragged hat upon it. The hat twitched, and a ruffle resembling a mouth opened. It sang a song, and there was applause.

  10. 10

    I zoned out, only paying attention when Lavender, Harry Potter, and finally my name was called. I went up and the hat fell over my eyes.

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