who would fall for you? Vampire, neko, werewolf, or angel part 8

who would fall for you? Vampire, neko, werewolf, or angel part 8

by: nyan_sama

PART 8 sorry if it took long :}}} RECAP: You just found out that you mom was a good witch and your dad was a vampire king and they were killed by a bad vampire who wanted the thrne then you fell asleep in Ian's arms

  1. 1

    did you read the memo for the recap?

  2. 2

    you open your eyes to see a pair of brown eyes staring into yours

  3. 3

    "ohhh your up __" Ian said "yeah um were you watching me" you said "erm no, Im gonna go make something to eat you get dressed for training today loose clothing" he said blushing

  4. 4

    "ok" you say as he leaves you get up and go to the bathroom and take a shower then come back and put on

  5. 5

    we you ended up putting on shorts and a tank top with your sneakers and your hair in a ponytail you began walking downstairs

  6. 6

    you skipped down the steps feeling happy for some reason when you lost your balence and fell down the last few steps you were about to hit the ground when someone caught you

  7. 7

    you looked up and saw John's silver eyes looking back at you "are yu ok _" he said "yeah Im fine thanks for catching me" you said " no prob" he said while putting you down

  8. 8

    "well I have to go meet Ian see ya later" you said "OK yeah I have to go do something bye _" he said you got to the kitchen and smelled eggs and bacon and saw Ian sitting at the table eating

  9. 9

    he lookes up "oh hi __" he said getting up to make you a plate "hey Ian" you said sitting down "what are we doing today again" you said "well just testing how strong your powers are and stuff" he said

  10. 10

    "oh ok that sounds kinda cool" you said you two ate in silence but it wasnt akward when Ian said "we should start before it gets late" "ok" you said getting up following him to the backyard

  11. 11

    he walked over to a station with baseballs and a bat and picked up the bat "so what I want you to do is throw the ball at me" you went to pick it up thinking how is this using my powers

  12. 12

    "no use your powers" he said "how" you said "just concentrate on throwing it at me OK" he said it took a while but you finnally got it off the ground then you 'threw' it but it stopped before him

  13. 13

    "try again" he said this time it went too far you tried and he hit it "good like that" he said this went on for a few hours until the sun began going down

  14. 14

    "its getting late we should stop" Ian said "OK good Im tired" you said with a small laugh "haha you wait here while I go gather the balls K" Ian said "k" you said ploping down on the bench

  15. 15

    Ian soon went where you couldnt see him anymore getting the balls that went really far so you closed your eyes waiting for him when you heard someone chuckling behind you, you spun around to see

  16. 16

    you see a boy who looks about a year older then you with jet black hair and teal eyes "umm who are you" you say getting kinda scared "so your back" he said ignoring your question "what" you said

  17. 17

    "listen and listen good back off if you know whats good for you" he said glaring at you "I dun know what your talking about" you said he rolled his eyes at you "whatever if you tell anyone you saw me

  18. 18

    you just watch him fly away hoping Ian comes back soon when someone taps you you turn around startled to come face to face with Ian

  19. 19

    "are you Ok" he says "yeah fine" you say taking a step back he grabs you and kisses you then breaks back blushing "sorry I dun know what came over me, we should go inside" he said

  20. 20

    you guys go inside to be greeted by Noah "HEY GUYS" he says happily "hey Noah" you both say "how was training are you hungry __" he says ignoring Ian

  21. 21

    "it was good but no Im not Im actually going to go to bed Night guys" you say he looks kinda sad but says goodnight as you leave thinking about everything that happened today

  22. 22

    Im ending it here I hope you like it :D messege comment and rate please buh bye people

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