Sorting Hat for Witches

by: AdventurousSlytherin

Welcome First Years! Are you ready to be sorted into your houses? Well, be prepared for the Sorting Hat!
~There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be!~

(Hey, I'm Madison, but call me Viper. Warning, I'm a bit random...)

  1. 1

    Alright, first question: What's your favorite house?

  2. 2

    What house do you think you would be in if you went to Hogwarts? No, they aren't the same... And be honest!

  3. 3

    If you could, would you actually go to Hogwarts? Be honest.

  4. 4

    Pick one: Your deepest, most secret, exotic desire, or your family's lives? Be honest again! You know, just be honest for all the questions, okay?

  5. 5

    If you could, would you trade your life for one filled with adventure? (Or one that takes place in the wizarding world...? ;D )

  6. 6

    Ready for the roleplaying questions? Are you upset that I'm making this a question?

  7. 7

    RP: You've been getting lots of threatening letters lately. After some investigation, you find out they're from Harry Potter. Why would he be sending them to you?

  8. 8

    RP: You're in the halls, minding your own business, when all of the sudden you're dragged into a broom cupboard. You flip on the lights, it's Draco Malfoy. He pulls you close and kisses you.

  9. 9

    RP: Christmas vacation is tomorrow! The Weasley's invite you to stay at the Burrow with them.

  10. 10

    RP: The Yule Ball is coming up. You're really hoping a special someone will ask you to it. Who would that be?

  11. 11

    RP: Dumbledor's dead? All of Hogwarts is outside, gathered around the body of the dead Headmaster.

  12. 12

    RP: The war has come to Hogwarts. What are you doing?

  13. 13

    RP: The war is over. Do you return to finish your last year of school?

  14. 14

    Last RP: 19 years later, you're on platform 9 3/4. This time, however, it's your children that are boarding.

  15. 15

    Most unfortunate death in the war?

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