dose he like me

by: LittleLatino

i have liked this guy for like a year now and well just answer the Qs

  1. 1

    when ever he is walking past me with a group of friends they all start going hey gabby look its sam

  2. 2

    we seem to txt a pertty good amount

  3. 3

    their is this girl he has been on and off with for a whille and when ever i ask if they are dating he says i don't know

  4. 4

    some times when hes friends are messing around on his cell they call me at like midnight or later

  5. 5

    when ever i tell him that like my bf brock up with me or somthing bad happens he acually seems to care and try to give addvice

  6. 6

    when ever we would pass each other in the halls we would just look each other strat and they eyes and say hey or hi

  7. 7

    when my friends look over our txted convo they say he flirts

  8. 8

    he is a freshmen and i am an eighth grader

  9. 9

    i can always make him laugh and he can always make me laugh

  10. 10

    last Q: whenever he is driving past in his car and me and my friends are riding bike he always honks at us or his friends will stick they heads out the windo and yell somthing at me

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