Who would fall for you Angel, Vampire, Neko, or Werewolf part 3

Who would fall for you Angel, Vampire, Neko, or Werewolf part 3

by: nyan_sama

Sorry if it felt like it took long been kinda busy but dont worry I didn't forget :} so dont forget to message me your ideas and friend me!!

  1. 1

    Ok so to recap wat happened last time Ian was yelling at Jake for trying to eat you rite

  2. 2

    Ian yells at Jake saying how could you do this you promised you wouldn't eat her Jake simply replies she just looked too irresistible couldn't help myself then he winked at you

  3. 3

    No body saw him but Noah who looked slightly irritated you were about to say something when you heard Ian say something to you you didn't quite catch what he said but you heard something about home

  4. 4

    Wait wat did you say Ian you said he said oh I just said Jake should probably give you a tour because we won't want you getting lost in your new house!

  5. 5

    "Wat he tried to eat me!!" You say "hes sorry and wont do it again" ian said "I would like to hear that from him" you said but Jake just chuckled and mumbled something "hes just being a baby" Ian said

  6. 6

    Jake gets up, grabs your hand and walks out with you your a little scared because he tried to eat you but something in your mind tells you to trust him

  7. 7

    you walk in silence for a few minutes when you finally decide to speak up " so where are we going" you said "for a tour where do you wanna start?"

  8. 8

    "umm how about the bathroom" you say "ok follow me its on the top floor" he says. as your walking you pass a bunch of doors which one stands out to you

  9. 9

    you get up to the bathroom and he askes you where to next you say "well there was this one we passed it had grass on it that was pretty cool how about that room" his entire face lights up

  10. 10

    you stop outside of the room and he says smiling "this is my room I'm glad you like the door come on in" he opens the door and you see

  11. 11

    you see an ordinary room but in the corner is a little fenced in grassy place "omg your room is so cool" you say "umm thanks can I say something" he says

  12. 12

    "are you going to be mean again" you say "no, no I just wanted to say sorry you know for everything I just didn't think I could trust again after Rose"

  13. 13

    "um whos Rose" you say "shes just this girl but its kinda a long story" he said "we got time" you said "wow ok so Rose is this girl who stayed with us about 3 years ago and we fell in love"

  14. 14

    "and one day she wanted to take a walk and so we did and she took me rite to someone who was trying to kill us she told me she never loved me and he sent her to kill me so i snapped"

  15. 15

    "well long story short I have trust issues now and I'm really sorry" he says " wow so you've been through a lot I'm really sorry" you say " why are you sorry Im the one who almost killed you" he said

  16. 16

    "but you didnt so dont worry bout it" you say smiling "ok thanks so you wanna get back to the tour now" he says "that sounds great" you say

  17. 17

    you two spend the next hour and a half walking around and getting to know each other better until he suddenly stops and grabs your hands

  18. 18

    he turns to you and says "you know __ I told myself I would never fall for anyone ever again but I think Im falling for you" he kisses you gently when suddenly theres a crash downstairs

  19. 19

    and I end it here sorry it took so long but comment and rate and add me hope you like it so far

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