Who would fall for you Angel vampire werewolf or Neko part 2

by: nyan_sama

Well this is part two please give me feed back or ideas feel free to message me I need at least 3 comments to continue :}

  1. 1

    So to recap last time a mysterious boy saved you from someone trying to kill you and the last thing you remembered he picked you up and flew away with you ok ready to start

  2. 2

    You wake up in a brightly lit room and as your eyes adjust to the light you hear people outside the door

  3. 3

    somebody opens the door very slow and peeks in then yells guys shes awake and three hot guys come in and sit around you

  4. 4

    You recognize one of them hes the one who saved you yesterday he says hey your up how are you feeling today you say I'm okay but where am I who are you guys he sighs

  5. 5

    He looks at the other guys and says well I guess we should tell her now they slowly nod and he begins to talk well my name is Ian the one with the white hair is John the one with the tan hair is Noah

  6. 6

    Ian leaves the room and you look around the room only to see Noah staring at you but he quickly looks away and for the first time you notice your wearing

  7. 7

    You begin to blush deeply and John sees you and walks out leaving you alone with Noah he was just about to say something two people burst in its Ian dragging a guy in behind him he has red hair and

  8. 8

    You just smile at him and he rolls his eyes Ian says sorry __ this is Jake as he says that John comes back in carrying some clothes he hands them to you and says these are yours I washed them for

  9. 9

    You look in the mirror and go to the door to leave and the door swings open and the lights go out

  10. 10

    Someone pushes you down and jumps on top of you and pins you to the ground and tries to bite your arm the door opens and the person is flung off of you and your being dragged to the kitchen

  11. 11

    You get to the kitchen and you see the guys in there all except Jake and John sits you in the seat next to

  12. 12

    You sit down and say so wats up guys and ian says well we're not in your demention any more you just stare are him he continues we're not normal and we need your help __

  13. 13

    You say how are you not normal are you like crazy he chuckles and says no well um I'm a vampire Johns an angel Noah is a neko and Jake is a werewolf speaking of which where is he John whispers

  14. 14

    He simply looks up and says wat Ian starts yelling at him saying how could you do this you promised you wouldn't eat this one

  15. 15

    And I end it here mwaahaha hope you liked it next one coming soon once I get at least 3 comments :)

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