Who will fall for you? Vampire, Neko, Angel, or Werewolf

by: nyan_sama

This is my first quiz like this sorry if you dont like it feedback please!!! ps no pics for this one sorry

  1. 1

    Well before we get started your name is your name you just turned 17 and your extremly hott sound good

  2. 2

    your walking home from school when you take a shortcut through an alleyway and you hear someone following you

  3. 3

    you start walking a little bit faster but before you get out of the alleyway your thrown up agenst the wall

  4. 4

    you see a large shadow that looks like a bird above you and you hear someone yelling at you to duck down

  5. 5

    you duck down just in time to hear a gun shot and you begin to cry while you hear people fighting

  6. 6

    the fight stops and you panic thinking who won you hear steps coming twords you and become scared

  7. 7

    the person lifts you up and you see there face as he smiles at you and you realize he's really hot he has Black hair and brown eyes and the cutest smile you cant help but smile back when he says "its

  8. 8

    he says "hold on tight" as he sprouts wings and takes off you pass out from confusion and your really high up

  9. 9

    I end it here >:) I hope you liked it rate comment and friend or message

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