What Would Justin Bieber Think Of You After You Spend The Night At His House?

by: Mizz_Kaitlyn

I Love Justin Bieber So I Thought It Would Be Fun To Make This ; )

  1. 1

    Justin calls you to spend the night with him at his place with Ryan, Chaz, Christian, and Caitlin what's your reaction?

  2. 2

    What are your thoughts while your packing your clothes?

  3. 3

    Your driving in your car heading to Justin's place. What are you listening to?

  4. 4

    You get to the house, What do you do?

  5. 5

    Everyone introduces themselves to you. How do you introduce yourself?

  6. 6

    Justin shows you around the house. You are...

  7. 7

    You and Caitlin are watching the guys play basketball. What are you talking about?

  8. 8

    Everyone wants to go out and eat. You ready to go?

  9. 9

    You guys go back home and chill until there was a knock at the door. You went to open it and it was Selena. She thinks your stealing Justin and slaps you. What do you do?

  10. 10

    Ryan and Justin pull you guys off of each other and makes Selena leave. What do you say to Justin?

  11. 11

    Time to Sleep! What are you wearing?

  12. 12

    Where are you sleeping?

  13. 13

    Time leave! Say your goodbyes!

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