who would you fall for demon werewolf vampire angel neko 5 remake

by: hipster_rocker

ok so i got some new pics just to be fun if you want them to change then tell me!!!!!! thanks im sorry that i havent gotten as far in this series as needed but i was working on the other wwyff so........ yeah!!! REMEMBER!!!!!!!! FEEDBACK IS NEEDED IF YOU WANT THIS TO CONTINUE!!!!!!! i want 5 comments so that the next one can be published!!!! ok so here we go ans im too lazy to put a recap.......

  1. 1

    ok so you woke up in a cage with aaron.

  2. 2

    you notice that hes knocked out. there was a note that said "if you kiss him, he'll wake up!" the handwriting was too familiar. it was almost too elegant to be real.

  3. 3

    you look back and forth between aaron and the note. you check his breathing to see if hes alive and he isnt. you were trained in CPR so you lean in close to his face and do breathing CPR and you feel

  4. 4

    "your welcome. im always open for buisiness." he said. "no thanks, that offer i'll have to give up" you said. "too bad sweetheart, i was looking forward for entertainment this weekend." he said with a

  5. 5

    "you cant get out. i rigged the whole place a female voice said. "CRAP! its her!!!" aaron said as he bacame rigid. "im back and badder than ever!" the voice replied. "whos that?" you ask aaron. "my ex

  6. 6

    "where are the others?" you ask her. "they're knocked out. i took care of them easily with my special tricks." she said icily. "what do you want this time?" aaron asked impatianly. "i want her to go a

  7. 7

    i leave you here! i know that it was short but DEAL WITH IT!!!! click who your favorite is!!!

  8. 8

    what will you do???

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