what kind of person are you

what kind of person are you


Are you tired of people judging you when all you do is be yourself.
Do you think its unfair.You must be trying so hard too well,it could be easier
if you knew what kind of person you are.Hmmm

  1. 1

    You are sitting by yourself you see a girl putting up a school sign wrong you...

  2. 2

    a kid from your class comes up and asks you out you...

  3. 3

    a bunch of people knock at your door and ask for money for the whale donation you...

  4. 4

    your sitting down at lunch but OH NO! someone tripps and spills food all over your nice clean school shoes you...

  5. 5

    your crush walks in the room and your eyes meet you...

  6. 6

    you are going out for a part in your school play you...

  7. 7

    you got invited to the best party of the year and you...

  8. 8

    OMG you wake up in the morning and find a HUGE zit right on the end of your nose you...

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