brother battles(LITTLE BROS ONLY)

brother battles(LITTLE BROS ONLY)

by: bunny11744

are you the tortured brother or the safe brother(answer the truth)

  1. 1

    your bro attacks you in the hallway,what now

  2. 2

    your bro gives you a wedgie and...

  3. 3

    your bro and his friends are over

  4. 4

    your bro is on a ramp skating and you want to skate too,what now

  5. 5

    on vacation and your in the car for 5 hours with him

  6. 6

    your crush is in front of u and your bro is there too,?

  7. 7

    your undies are showing

  8. 8

    you have to wrestle him

  9. 9

    what your opinion on your bro

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