who would you fall for demon werewolf vampire angel neko

who would you fall for demon werewolf vampire angel neko

by: hipster_rocker

ok so lets just say that this is my first quiz and i dont know how this will turn out but OK. you're going to b a grad form high school and to celebrate it, your best friend Joey took u out to the humane society to pick out a kitten to keep you company in that lonely dorm.

  1. 1

    u go over to the cages where the cats r and you find a intreigingly black cat with warm brown eyes.

  2. 2

    the black cat seems to really like you and wont leave you alone and u look at all of the cats to see that they all have green and blue eyes not brown

  3. 3

    u buy the cat and go home to your room only to find some weirdo sotting on your bed reading a book.

  4. 4

    he looks at you with a pair of amazingly dark blue eyes and says "neko! come here!" and u see ur cat walk up to him and purr..................."who the BEEP are u creep?!"

  5. 5

    "not your concern at the momement but i know your cat."

  6. 6

    he only looks at you and laughs. the face that you'r eputting on is amusing him. so you sto with that face and sort of growl at him to go away and he says "alright i will" and these HUGE pair of wings

  7. 7

    ill amke more later its just that i need you guys to rate and comment ;)

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