who would you fall for demon werewolf vampire angel neko 4

who would you fall for demon werewolf vampire angel neko 4

by: hipster_rocker

ok so i hope that you people will enjoy this! and we left off at the part where jared the angel was giving you a tour

  1. 1

    so you walk down the hall way with jared while he gives you a tour yeah?

  2. 2

    so jared leads you down the hall and you see jon purring as he walks down the hall in the opposite direction.

  3. 3

    "aaron is right across the hall from you but keep out of his room and dont bother him for any reason!!"jared warns you."hes got torture devices in their and believe me, ive been caught in there once a

  4. 4

    "here's my room, you wanna see?" "sure" you say. his room was so awesome and really bright. that room was the defintion of clean. there was a violin in the corner, a neatly made bed, and no blinds wha

  5. 5

    you 2 leave his room and go into tyler's room to find a bunch of canvas and acryllic paint all over the place.

  6. 6

    jared was about to talk to about what happens to tyler,aaron, and joey every full moon untill you hear a loud crash downstairs.

  7. 7

    you suddenly heat jon yelling" PMS! PMS! parinormal monster stupor!!!" "get into your room and stay there." said jared you do as he says and you lock the door super tight.

  8. 8

    you hear rustleing out side of you door but you dont go out to see whats happening but you wanna go out and see what thats all about.

  9. 9

    you hear a whimper that sounds like it came from a dog. suddenly (its nighttime) the door busts down and in stepped a black figure with a bloodthisty voice say "____ i know you're in here and i can

  10. 10

    you listen to his voice and realize that its so familiar that you.......

  11. 11

    all he does is laugh and tries to take a bite out of you and you think....

  12. 12

    who do you think it was???

  13. 13

    suddenly you see a bright light and everything goes black

  14. 14

    you wake up in a very clean place that you have been to before but you remember.you see a strange being standing over you with some kind of skin balm. "you're alright. everything's alright. dont worry

  15. 15

    what happened to those 3? you ask "they're outside of the room to apoligize for trying to kill you."

  16. 16

    jared walks out of the room and aaron comes in very cautiously to make sure that he meant no harm at the moment. "dreadfully sorry that i nearly killed you but i cant restain myslef." he muttered."i c

  17. 17

    you get out of bed to help the guys when a black bag goes over your head.

  18. 18

    you wake up in a cage with all of the guys but they're all knocked out for a change and you........

  19. 19

    haha cliffhanger! in the comments below please say who you're favorite guy is and why.

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