Are you a TRUE StarKid fan?---StarKid Quiz (Advanced)

by: Momma_Hedgehog

How well do you really know the members of Team StarKid? Their music? Other productions they were in? Their friends?

Mix of easy, medium, and hard questions.

Enjoy! :)

  1. 1

    What year did Brian Holden graduate?

  2. 2

    Darren Criss plays a cheating husband in what music video?

  3. 3

    Eric Kahn Gale's The Bully Book will be published in....

  4. 4

    Joey Richter plays this character in Khumba....

  5. 5

    Which of these StarKids smoke?

  6. 6

    Lauren Lopez had a part in the movie....

  7. 7

    Joey Richter was in all of these productions at U of M EXCEPT....

  8. 8

    What song does Brian Holden sing for soundchecks?

  9. 9

    Each of these StarKids graduated in 2009 EXCEPT

  10. 10

    Which of these songs by the Remus Lupins did Nick, Brian, and Julia perform in?

  11. 11

    Iclemyer was originally....

  12. 12

    Darren originally auditioned for the part of ______ on Glee

  13. 13

    The person who wrote the "Lap Scene" of Starship was.....

  14. 14

    All right class. Time for the True or false section! Matt is older than Nick.

  15. 15

    Brian Holden grew up in Michigan.

  16. 16

    Darren Criss didn't go to his senior prom

  17. 17

    Joey's mom is referred to as Mama Richter

  18. 18

    PuppyKitties was originally Matt's idea

  19. 19

    Elona Finlay (Sami from LWL) is Canadian

  20. 20

    Eric Kahn Gale has been to Russia

  21. 21

    Devin Lytle has a southern accent

  22. 22

    RedVines helped pay for AVPS

  23. 23

    Julia Albain wrote a play called "Summertime"

  24. 24

    Tyler Brunsman sang in the Rockettes show

  25. 25

    AJ Holmes is touring as Igor in Young Frankenstein

  26. 26

    Okay, just a few more. Which of these StarKids have played characters much like those from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

  27. 27

    Which StarKid eats cereal before she performs?

  28. 28

    Nick Lang's favorite My Little Pony is

  29. 29

    Who would win in a fight? Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

  30. 30


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