who would fall for you? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman or neko part 2

who would fall for you? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman or neko part 2

by: nyan_sama

sorry this is so long over due I kinda forgot about it sorry please dun be mad its here now :D RECAP: you almost drowned but was saved by some fish person thing which you later found out was Luke the merman, you met the other guys and they told you you couldnt leave OK ready ps scroll through the results to see your parents :D

  1. 1

    did you read the memo for a recap and such?

  2. 2

    "oh yeah I think theyre avoiding this but you cant leave" Will says calmly "wait what do you mean I cant leave becuz I saw him I wont tell promise" you said frantic hoping the belived you

  3. 3

    "well its partly that and partly because you friends and family think your dead" Kevin said "your lying, right" you said scared "no we're not Im sorry" he said

  4. 4

    "no I dont believe you I want to see my parents" you say frimly they extange glances then "fine we'll take you to see them but can't promise anything" "thank you"

  5. 5

    they all leave so you can get dressed. after you shower, brush your teeth, get dresed and do your hair you open the door to leave and bump into someone right outside your door

  6. 6

    "ugh watch where your going" he says you look up and see its Will "your the one outside my door" you said he glares at you then gets up and starts walking away "get up and come on" he calls to you

  7. 7

    you get up and rush to catch up to him so you dun get lost. while in the hallway it seemed so akward but you didnt say anything becuz he seemed mad

  8. 8

    you two finally get to the room everyone is in "are you ready to go _" Luke said "yes Im ready" you said "well then lets go" he says

  9. 9

    `FF` you are standing outside of your house about to open the door thinking `what if they dun accept me? then what, only one way to find out` you open the door and step in have something fly right

  10. 10

    you look at it and see its a butcher knife, your mom comes into the room screaming and crying yelling "leave me alone I'm sorry OK"

  11. 11

    "I'm sorry I shouldn't have let you go but leave me alone I didnt know" you mother screamed then broke down in tears throwing more knives at you telling you to leave her alone so you turned and ran

  12. 12

    you ran in the car just as your mom burst down the door screaming nonsense at you "DRIVE" you screamed at Zein who was driving away as your mom threw knifes at the car

  13. 13

    everyone stayed quiet until Will spoke up "so are you gonna tell us what happened" you looked at him and burst into tears he looked shocked but cradled you in his arms saying its ok you dun have to

  14. 14

    OK I think Im gonna stop here!! Whats going on with your mom? Why isWill being nice? How do I expect you to know? heehee sorry bout that but yeah bye message me if you have questions

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