who would fall for you? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman or neko

by: nyan_sama

this is a new one Im making it has almost all diff characters but dun worry I will not stop my last one :D feedback please oh yeah your 17, just got done you second to last year in high school you look however you want and your name is _

  1. 1

    ~BEEP~ the final bell of the last day of school just rang your free!!

  2. 2

    As you and your friends run out of the school making plans you decide to meet up at your house for a sleepover then go to the beach

  3. 3

    Your friends go to their house to get their things, while you go to your house to get things ready. you make some hot chocolate and popcorn, set up a movie then your friends arrive

  4. 4

    `FF` you are the first one awake in the morning so you take a shower and put on your bathing suits under your shorts

  5. 5

    `FF` you and your friends just arrive at the beach, not many people are there not even the lifeguard.

  6. 6

    You guys didnt care you just ran into the ocean splashing each other and playing around, the waves got bigger but nobody noticed

  7. 7

    All of a sudden you saw this huge shadow you turned around just in time to see this reak knock you beneath the sea

  8. 8

    You breathed in alot of water trying to get back to the top. you were losing oxygen and beliveing you were going to die, when you saw this fish person swimming to you before you blacked out.

  9. 9

    you wake up, your throat and lungs burning, in a bed in a room you've never seen before, when you hear footsteps outside the door

  10. 10

    The door opens to slowly and a guy with blueish-silverish hair peeks in then closes the door and opens it a few secs later with 4 other boys

  11. 11

    The first guy sat on the bed and held you hand " are you, ok" he asked looking very concered. what did you say?

  12. 12

    "um I guess" you said trying to free your hand (wow hes strong) he looked deeply into your eyes before getting up and saying "get dressed and meet us in the kitchen"

  13. 13

    After you get dressed, do your hair and brush your teeth you walk out of the room to look for the kitchen, you get there and see them all sitting there

  14. 14

    "well __ I bet your wondering why your here well first off I'm Luke, Tyler is the guy with the tan hair, Kevins hair is red, Zeins hair is semi pureple and William--" "WILL" the guy in the corner

  15. 15

    you ended up saying answer 4 dun change answer "I was afraid you would say that well now that youve seen me you cant leave"

  16. 16

    "wha do you mean" you say "well Im a merman as you saw, kevins a dragon, Tyler is a neko, Will is a fallen angel and Zein is a fa--" "hehe nothing" Zein interrupts

  17. 17

    "hes a fairy" Tyler shouts "why would you say that" Zein screams and punches him "oh yeah I think theyre avoiding this but you cant leave" Will says calmly

  18. 18

    stoping here I hpe you like it so far and dun worry I'll keep up with my other one ok please comment or rate or message k bye :D

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