Hogwarts Love Story Part 12

Hogwarts Love Story Part 12

by: AmazingDanisnotonfire

PART 12 everyone! Im sorry about deleting most of you... I will let you know when I make a new quiz if you want me 2! Just tell me if u want me 2 tell u. OR... you could just stalk my profile. Watever floats your boat. BTW: By making this quiz, I imagine that it's me in the girls place. That helps me. I LOVE THE TWINS!

  1. 1

    That night, Fred stopped by your dorm. "Grab your jacket." he said. You looked at him weird, but obeyed.

  2. 2

    "Where are we going?" you ask. "Hogsmeade!" Fred answered. He lead you to this little entrance.

  3. 3

    "I know you aren't old enough to go to Hogsmeade, but I am. So, I'll take responsibility for you." He said.

  4. 4

    You follow Fred through the little hole, and crawl for a few minutes. You see a bright light, and hear lots of noise.

  5. 5

    Fred shushed you and laughed. "We are in Zonkos, a joke shop. We can't let them see us." he said, and crawled out. You followed.

  6. 6

    As soon as your out, you run to an aisle and act casual. Fred and you laugh. "Your smile is really pretty ___." He said.

  7. 7

    You find a cute little creature. It was blue and fuzzy. "Aww! You're so cute." you say. It blinked at you with big green eyes. It made a cute little noise!

  8. 8

    "That's a Pygmy Puff." Fred answered. His voice was soft and calm in your ear.

  9. 9

    You reach into your pocket, looking for your wallet. A hand touched yours. "Don't worry about it!" Fred said. "I'll buy it for you." he offered.

  10. 10

    "Can I help you?" a wizard asked you. He worked there. "Yes, um, we are gonna get this little buddy." Fred said.

  11. 11

    The store clerk put the Pygmy Puff into a little cage with a fluffy bed and a mini food and water bin. "If it's possible, can we get her later?" he asked. He handed a few Galleons. "Of course you can"

  12. 12

    The rest of the day, you played in the snow (and had a pretty intense snowball fight.), went to the Three Broomsticks for lunch, and then went back for Aquamarine, your Pygmy Puff.

  13. 13

    "I had a great time with you ____. I hope you have forgiven me about what happened..." he sighed. "If you do--"

  14. 14

    "Thank you!" Fred hugged you. It started to snow where you were. You looked up, and saw the snow. You also noticed mistletoe.

  15. 15

    When you turned your face down, you felt a sweet sensation. Fred had kissed you, he obviously saw the mistletoe.

  16. 16

    The snow falls around you, and kiss for another minute. (How was it?? Please show your friends because I had to delete a lot of my friends....)

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