Double Trouble - Fred Weasley LoVe Story Part 1 ;)

Double Trouble - Fred Weasley LoVe Story Part 1 ;)

by: JulyLovesYa

Heeeey guys! Finally, the next part ;) k, so this is going to be a bit diferent than the previous ones... it's starting from number 1, and I'll make seperate ones for both Fred and George. You can take both of them if you like, you'll see that they're not quite the same ;) so.... have fun, and feel free to send me any ideas for the story ;) I'll try to post the George one on Friday :)


  1. 1

    "You have to choose. Me or Fred." his words rang in your head. You felt tears coming down and started running. You didn't stop till you got into ur room and fell on the floor crying

  2. 2

    You spent the whole night crying, you couldn't sleep, all you kept thinking about was how you're going to break one of them's heart... Have you made the decission?

  3. 3

    After the dinner, Hermione came to check on you, "_, how are you? You haven't eaten all day, you have to eat something..."

  4. 4

    "You know you can't stay here forever... tell me how can I help, please?" You saw she was worried for you, and you knew she was right - you had to come out at one point

  5. 5

    "I don't know where George is, but Ron told me that Fred hasn't left his room since last night..." she said and you got out of the bed "Key, thanks Hermione.." you said and headed to the twins' room.

  6. 6

    You get to the door, but stop there hesitating. Still, you decide to knock. "Go away!", you hear Fred's voice from inside

  7. 7

    Thers's a silence for a moment but then you hear him walking. His face appears at the door and you feel a bump in your throat. His eyes are red and you know why.

  8. 8

    You two just look eachother for a moment abd then he moves a side to let you pass. You sit on the bed and say...

  9. 9

    He turns to you shocked, not believing his ears. You open your mouth to say it again but he cuts you off with a kiss. You...

  10. 10

    You two stay there kissing for quite some time, but then Fred says something you've been afraid to think about ''Have you told George?"

  11. 11

    You know he's right, and you don't want to cause any mora pain to George by not tel ling him. ''I'll be back'' you said givin Fred a kiss. You knew where George would be. Are you nervous?

  12. 12

    You went down to the grounds and headed to where you and George were your first night together. You were wright - George was sitting at the bottom of your tree.

  13. 13

    He didn't look up, so you came closer. ''You don't have to tell me, _, I already know. Harry told me you were with him.''

  14. 14

    George sneered and looked away ''Yust go away, __." ''George, I...'' ''Leave!'' You couldn't believe he was yelling at you. You turned and started waalking away... where?

  15. 15

    And.... end of the first part! :) Did u liked it? ^^

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