Who loves you HARRY POTTER(girls only

by: Stephiepotter

This is going to be completely different from the rest of the Harry potter quizzes. It'll give you likes and dislikes from , Harry, Ron, hermionie, fred George, Neville, Cedric and a older ranvenclaw boy :p and some of the teachers. And wether draco wud date u.

  1. 1

    What house wud u like to be in??

  2. 2

    draco came up snogged u, u wud

  3. 3

    your best friends would be...

  4. 4

    Snape asks u a question in class

  5. 5

    if u were in a detention it wud be because

  6. 6

    who wud u make fun of the most

  7. 7

    ur favourite colour...

  8. 8

    does ur name begin with...

  9. 9

    what colours ur hair??

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