wwyff Vampire, Demon, or Dark Angel part 11

by: LoverOfTheVamp

QM is going crazy MWAHAHAHAH Jk jk jk!!! but yup ENJOY!!!!

  1. 1

    U feel urself tense as Tyler walks up to u. Tyler stops in front of u and is bending down, u think he's going to kiss u when he stops n says,"SHh, I'm going to help u out of here".

  2. 2

    U dont know y but u listen to him and keep still n quiet. A few min. later the chains r off and ur rubbing ur wrists."C'mon,"says Tyler grabbing ur hand. He pulls u out the door bumping into the guys.

  3. 3

    "_, R u alright,"asks Jake really worried."Fine,"u say.U look at Alex to see him staring at Tyler and Tyler staring back at him."Oh ya this is Tyler,"u say quickly."We know,"says Alex icily.

  4. 4

    U feel confused when Alex says that."Hello brother,"says Tyler icily back to Alex.U feel ur mouth drop open as Nate gently pulls u away from Tyler towards him.

  5. 5

    "U LEFT US TO DIE!,"Alex bursts at Tyler."NO I DIDN'T,"yelled back Tyler,"U HEARD THE WRONG PART I WAS FORCED!".

  6. 6

    "THEN Y DID U STAY WITH THEM!,"yells Alex with tears in his eyes."I SAID I WAS FORCED, THEY WOULDN'T LET ME GO,"yells Tyler."Hey guys,"says Jake,"I'm not trying to break a family but..".

  7. 7

    Everyone looked back to see Ray standing there with a few others who looked like him but different."Who do we have here,"purrs Ray walking towards me n Tyler

  8. 8

    Tyler jumps in front of u blocking u from Ray."Move Tyler i dont have time for this we'll take care of u later,"says Ray testily.U could hear Tyler start to growl, as Alex, Jake, n Nate also move up.

  9. 9

    AND..STOPPING HERE!!!! Comment, rate, or both! DUN FORGET IF U COMMENT MENTION WHO U GOT!!! k?

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