WWYFF Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, Dark Angel!! #8

WWYFF Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, Dark Angel!! #8

by: Twi_Shelly123

Heyy guys okay i know it been a long time but here i am with the next one. Hope you enjoy!!!

  1. 1

    The next day was really awkward. u tried to talk to Adrian but he would walk away and say, "Its none of my buisness, anymore. U made ur decision, now I'm gonna make mine."

  2. 2

    U sit out in the front porch looking up at the sky when u hear voices in the distance. "Oooo... he he Max. Come on. U know u love me." ur heart speeds up and u walk toward it.

  3. 3

    ANOTHER GIRL????????? "Leah, look, the thing is that. I... I" He was cut off when she kissed him. Ur heart felt as though it was being ripped into little tiny shreds and all the pieces were lying

  4. 4

    Before you could get there a hand grabbed ur arm. "______, I'm so sorry but there must be an explanation." Mason said with a look of sympathy on his face. U shrug him off and pull the girl, Leah,

  5. 5

    U ignore her with great struggle and turn to Max. He was looking at u as though he'd seen a ghost. "______," he began.

  6. 6

    "I.......I" He said looking at Leah. She gave him a look and he paled. "Just forget me. Forget everything. I'm sorry though, really I am." he said looking away.

  7. 7

    She smiled at him, in a slimey way raisinher eyebrows. U wanted to punch her but also wanted to cry ur eyes out. He looked at u and shook his head. Then Mason, wonderful Mason, took ur arm and walked

  8. 8

    Afteru stopped crying u sat on ur bed staring at the ceiling. "Mason, why would he do that?" u ask. He looks at u and sighs. "____, sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do." he said quietly.

  9. 9

    "R u taking his side?" u ask. He smiles slightly and shakes his head. "No I'm not taking anyone's side. I just think that u should give him more credit, there must be a reason. I mean he really likes

  10. 10

    Mason thinks deeply then looks at u. "I have an idea, but its at ur own risk. Hold on I'll be right back." he said leaving the room.

  11. 11

    Suddenly, a light was flashing brightly through ur window. U went to look out and it was flashing from the distance. u could see that it went all the way into the deepest parts of the forests that u

  12. 12

    U walked through the forests. It was getting late now and the sun was sort of setting, leavin the nice purplish color u like. u continued walking and ur name was being whispered more and more.

  13. 13

    It was the beautiful garden that Josh had taken u to long before. u stepped through, closing ur eyes and when u opened them u weren't in the beautiful garden, u were in the kingdom, where u'd first

  14. 14

    It really was just as beautiful as u remembered. Being back here was like breathing again, it was natural. It was like u had a connection here. "So you're back again, princess?" u hear a voice whisper

  15. 15

    He looked shocked. "Me? Call u? Never, you found Atiella yourself, princess." he said smirking. "I never would have thought u'd get the connection." he came closer to u.

  16. 16

    u couldnt help but shiver with anticipation as he came closer. He was igniting something inside u. "u belong here. to rule with me. u are the Princess of Atiella." he picked up ur hand and pulled u

  17. 17

    "___, u were born here in Atiella and u were meant to marry my brother but since he was banished, u have to marry me. It was already preordained. we were meant to be together. i know u feel that."

  18. 18

    "WOW brother, i didn't hink ud lie to her. I thougth u liked her." Adrian said stepping out from the bushes.

  19. 19

    "I've come to take you home. To your real home, the human world." Adrian held out a hand to u but u couldn't leave. Not now.

  20. 20

    Adrian ignored Ash and continued to look at u. "____ you don't have to go home you can stay with us as long as u like, just not here. Please lets go." He took a step closer, but Ash shoved him back,

  21. 21

    The fire vanished, then all of a suddedn Adrian was on the ground, writhing in pain. "Adrian!!" u try to run to him but u couldnt move.

  22. 22

    u were unable to move then Adrian started aining the upperhand on Ash. Then an uncontrollable pain exploded within u. ur head felt like it was going to explode.

  23. 23

    u woke up in ur own room with Mason, Josh, and Adrian staring at u. "____, are u okay?" Adrian asked, taking ur hand.

  24. 24

    "Ash is unconcious, but he'll be okay. _____ why did u o there without telling us?" Mason asked. u shrug and shyly grin. "A light drew me in closer to Artiella." u say.

  25. 25

    "It couldn't have been Ash. He cant draw u to Artiella, no one can. it was u. U were drawn to it." Josh said reluctantly.

  26. 26

    Josh and Mason left the room. "______ do you want to go back and stay with Ash?" he asked. u didn't answer.

  27. 27

    u laughed and nodded. He gave u a huge hug kissed ur cheek. "Thank you, you don't know how much better that made me feel." he said.

  28. 28

    "U WILL be mine _________." u heard a voice whisper in ur head. OH NO!!!

  29. 29


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