who would fall for you? Vampire, neko, werewolf, or angel part 11

who would fall for you? Vampire, neko, werewolf, or angel part 11

by: nyan_sama

Part 11. yeah sorry if it sucks im tired but i didnt wanna put it off any longer hope you enjoy it anyway oh and this one is like super detailed and pretty long so only take it when you have time k RECAP: ok so we left off where you just met Dillon, he kissed you then you 'woke up' because John saved you and you were about to go to sleep ready

  1. 1

    did you read the memo?

  2. 2

    while you slept you dreamt of Dillon, him kissing and his sad face when you were 'alive again' and what he told you about

  3. 3

    you woke up and looked at the clock ~7:36~ it read "ugh why is it so early" you said to yourself pulling the covers over your head "well Im not going back to sleep better just get up now" you said

  4. 4

    you take an amazing shower and come out all fresh and clean after you wrappec your hair and put your robe on you brush your teeth and go into your room to blowdry and brush your hair

  5. 5

    "just freakin sweet" you say going out of your room. it was really quiet so you assumed nobody was up but you so you just decided to go downstairs and make breakfast what do you make

  6. 6

    you ended up making number 4 and as your cooking it someone comes up behind you and hugs you "I hope you made enough for two" Jake says

  7. 7

    "yeah, but what are you doing out of bed you need to rest" you say "ugh, I'm tired of resting anyway i was hungry" he says with the most charming smile ever

  8. 8

    you couldn't help but smile back "race you to the living room" you yelled grabbing a plate of food he chased after you with his food you beat him in so you got to choose wat to watch wat did you pick

  9. 9

    well you picked whatever you did and you two finished eating and started talking "so why are you in your robe again" Jake said "oh because I'm kinda out of clothes" you say looking down

  10. 10

    "well--" he started but Noah burst in the room "HEY GUYS" he screamed happily grabbing you in a bear hug "as i was saying" jake started looking a little mad "if its clothes you want i could take you

  11. 11

    you see Ian standing there "hey __ Jake needs his rest I'm sorry" he said "well then I'll be glad to take her" Noah says smiling "I was going to say that" Ian says "well how do you know i want to rest

  12. 12

    "ha, Im said it first so i get to take her" Noah said "thats true" you said grinning "well i thought it first" Ian mumbled "baby" Noah said sticking his tougue out at him "SHUT UP!" Ian said and

  13. 13

    you looked at Noah he looked at you and burst out laughing "did you see his face, for someone who's pale his face was so red" he said on the verge of tears "thats not funny haha but what am i going to

  14. 14

    well you dress in the number 1 (dun change answer) and do your hair in whatever style then when your satified you walk out your room and bumped into John "oh hi __ your up, you look nice" he said "hey

  15. 15

    "here this will help control your powers more but I'll explain more about it later ok" he said walking away you put it on and went downstairs to meet Noah

  16. 16

    he took you to the garage and pulled you towards the [insert fav car here] and opened the door for you, you got in and he drove off

  17. 17

    you just kinda zoned out and the car stopped in front of this humongus place and you two got out you stared in awe and he chuckled "shall we" he said opening the door for you

  18. 18

    you go inside and the place is huge with like over 100 stores, 3 food courts, and a mini amusment park "where to first" he says to you

  19. 19

    you guys go in where you picked and he tells you to go nuts and get whatever you want so you pick out a bunch of stuff try it on and everything and he buys it all

  20. 20

    you guys go to one of the food courts and get in line when you see Dillon and wave but he vanishes "__ maybe you should go get a table" Noah says "ok" you say leaving

  21. 21

    so you get to your table when you feel someone grab you and before you can scream you being dragged into a closet "who are you" you managed to say "you thought i was dead, didnt you" he said

  22. 22

    "well Im not, soulmate" he says while kissing you and holding your arms above your head so you cant fight it suddenly the lights come ona and you see he's Josh

  23. 23

    you look past him and see Dilllon about to hit Josh, which he does and he beats him up then takes you out and back to Noah who looks extremly worried

  24. 24

    he puts your hand in Noahs glares at him and says "take better care of her next time" "are you ok _" Noah askes ignoring him and Dillon left

  25. 25

    "yes" you say "ok well do you want to go home now" he says you just nod and he gathers your bags and takes you to the car

  26. 26

    ending it here but yeah sorry if it was bad Im tired lmao xD rate comment message ok night

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