who would fall for you? Vampire, neko, werewolf, or angel part 10

who would fall for you? Vampire, neko, werewolf, or angel part 10

by: nyan_sama

WHOOHOO part ten already it feels like I just started making these I hope you enjoy ps just for the occassion there's gonna be something special in here ok RECAP: you and Jake were training when he pinned you to the ground with his sword it going through your arm and bone you lost alot of blood saw a bright light the blackness falling uncontious

  1. 1

    read the memo please!!!

  2. 2

    OK you wake up in someplace really dark as your eyes adjust to the lighting you see a pair of teal eyes emerge from the darkness

  3. 3

    you stand up and stare into them as they get closer to you "who are you" a semi deep voice asks "_, where am i" you say

  4. 4

    "well your in the underworld" he says "why am i here and who are you" you say "well simple your close to death and I'm Dillon I will show you what kinda of life you lived" he says as the lites come on

  5. 5

    you look around the room and see a tv, a couch, and a person on the couch you walk over and gasp because you see the guy who laughed at you when you got pinned to the ground

  6. 6

    "are you following me or something" you say backing away he laughs and says "well guess I won't have to worry about you anymore" "whats your problem, why do you want me dead so bad" you say

  7. 7

    he sighs "well I don't really want you dead just to back off and its not me its my boss" he said "well wat are you, whos your boss why does he want me dead" you say "me I'm a demon, my boss is a

  8. 8

    "so you helped kill my parents and now your gonna kill me just freakin great" you say "no no its not like that I was his apprentance at the time i didn't help and no i dont want to kill you its my

  9. 9

    he kisses you softly but roughly at the same time then breaks apart you start to get dizzy and and your vision is fading

  10. 10

    "well looks likes your not gonna die after all" he says looking dissapointed you close your eyes for a second to stp the room from spinning but when you open them your in a different room

  11. 11

    your eyes adjust and you find that your in a bed with John sitting on one side of you bandaging your arm Noah on the other holding your hand Jake pacing back and forth and Ian watching you

  12. 12

    "SHES ALIVE GUYS" noah yelles and everyone one turns to you giving you hugs and all that good stuff "what happened" you ask when its calmer "well you lost alot of blood so we werent sure if you were

  13. 13

    "it was nothing but you need to rest to rebuild your stregnth" John says "Im really sorry _ I didn't mean it" Jake says when everyone else left "its ok im fine now see" you say he smiles and leaves

  14. 14

    well Im gonna end it here I hope everyone like it enjoy the new person heehee comment and rate please oh and inbox me someone who you want to spend more time with K buh bye people

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