who would you fall for?? Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, or Angel?

by: Princess_Awesome

Hey peeps!
This is my first quiz, so please understand if it sucks. I love these kind of quizzes and thought I'd try one myself! Oh, and no pics becuz i don't know how to do them yet ;)
Okay, so ur name is the sam one as in reallife, you're your real age, and you look however you want to look. Let's Start!

  1. 1

    So! Did you read the memo? (if you didn't you should!)

  2. 2

    Ok! Introductions! I'm the quiz maker, but you can call me QM. I'm a bit crazy, and I control your life in this quiz! MWWUUHHAAAAAHAAA!!!! Now you:

  3. 3

    So you're walking home from a party one night, and you notice a guy following exactly ten feet behind you!

  4. 4

    You decide to take a shortcut through a DARK ALLY!

  5. 5

    Suddenly you bump into a guy he grabs your wrists

  6. 6

    He covers your mouth. "Now, we wouldn't want someone interupting us would we?"

  7. 7

    You end up doing number 4 -DON'T CHANGE ANSWER!!!- and the guy pulls his hand away. "You *****!!"

  8. 8

    Suddenly, you bump into another guy! This one is tall but muscular, like a pro runner, and has skin so pale its almost white. His eyes are brown, and his hair is the color of cinnimon. He seams to

  9. 9

    He gently moves in front of you. "Stay behind me please"

  10. 10

    The two guys who tried to mug you are running towards you, but the guy lashes out so fast he's just a blur, punching each of them in the stomach, the dudes fly back several feet, and hit the ground

  11. 11

    You try to leave but the boy grabs you. His hand feels like an icecube. "You can't go home. There will be more waiting for you there." you say:

  12. 12

    The guy picks you up like you way nothing, and starts running so fast everything is just a blur as you pass. "I'm sorry." he says "I promise i'll explain later." He presses one hand onto your forehead

  13. 13

    And you find yourself face to face with- A CLIFFHANGER!!!! MWUHAHAHAHA, aren't I evil? Rate! Coment! Take part 2!

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