who would fall for you? Vampire, neko, werewolf, or angel part 9

who would fall for you? Vampire, neko, werewolf, or angel part 9

by: nyan_sama

number nine sorry it took so long I was busy with school and volleyball and stuff but Im back :D remeber to comment please Oh and shout out to Cristi_wuvz_Indie_xD for being the only one to comment and for always commenting since the first one :D RECAP: you and Ian had a succsessfull day of training and you met a guy with black hair and teal eyes who wants you to "back off" and you were off to bed

  1. 1

    read the memo its special :D

  2. 2

    while asleep you dream your being chased by my pet unicorn sparkles and you trip and fall then he gives you a chocolate bar and you wake up

  3. 3

    you wake up in a good mood as sit up and stretch you notice there's something in your hand its a chocolate bar

  4. 4

    you just shrug it off and think of it as a couincidence and take a shower then get dressed for training. you go downstairs and smell chocolate chip waffles

  5. 5

    you go into the kitchen to see John making the waffles "yum they smell delisious John" you say "oh hey _ i didn't know you were awake yet how'd you sleep"

  6. 6

    "erm, yeah pretty good but i had the stangest dream"you say "really about what" you tell him the dream and how you woke up to the chocolate bar in your hand and he makes a face

  7. 7

    he quickly changes the subject "so are you looking forward to training today" he says "umm kinda" you say as Jake comes into the kitchen "hi guys" he says "hi Jake" you two say

  8. 8

    "Um i have to go run an earned I'll be back later k bye guys" John says the rushes out the room quickly

  9. 9

    you and Jake eat breakfast and when your done he tells you to go outside he'll be out in a minute he comes out with two swords

  10. 10

    he sees the look on your face and says dun worry i wont hurt you im going to teach you how to sword fight ok

  11. 11

    he hands you a sword and shows you how to block and hit then starts lundging at you with his sword

  12. 12

    you try to block as much as you can but you back up an trip over something then fall, he falls on top of you and his sword stabs through your arm and bone pinning you to the ground

  13. 13

    "omg im sooo sorry _" he says looking panicked "just go get the guys" you say he runs inside and you hear someone laughing you look up to see the guy from yesterday laughing at you

  14. 14

    he flies off the branch just as the guys (minus John) are coming out they all look worried

  15. 15

    your losing alot of blood so you begin to loose contiousness but before you do you see a bright light then it fades to blackness

  16. 16

    I end it here please remember to rate and comment please i need your feedback on how im doing but buh bye for now

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