who would you fall for a demon, elf, vampire, neko, or werewolf

by: whycantgothicsbecuddly

okay this is a wwyff quiz.
Demon = Tatsuo
Elf = Minoru
Vampire = Kazuki
Neko = Yori
Werewolf = Riku
You look however you look and your name is Haruka. i write manga and i want to publish this someday!

  1. 1

    Okay, you're walking through a dark street at night....

  2. 2

    a hand grabs your mouth and you hear someone say in a rough voice, " Quick, knock her out! " you hear another voice. " WHAT!? I'm not knocking-" the other voice inturrups. " how else are we gonna brin

  3. 3

    " well-" you bite whoever is holding you's finger. they let you go, jumping back in pain. " Ah! she bit me! "

  4. 4

    Suddenly, another person grabs you from behind. " Quiet down! Stay calm! We're not gonna hurt you!"

  5. 5

    you struggle against him. " then why did you grab me!? who ARE you!?" he lets go of you and says, sounding tired, " can we explain later? come with us!" you look around at him and gasp, realizing he

  6. 6

    they walk for a long time and finally come up to a huge house far away from any houses or any buildings. the one holding you sets you down on a chair. " okay, " you say. " we're here. now what?" the

  7. 7

    " H-how? " you ask, getting nervous. the guy that picked you up spoke. he said, " you are well known by us. you are the only mortal that we know of that can see us." the third boy said, " we are all

  8. 8

    the boy with brown hair and brown eyes stands up. " my name is Riku. I am the werewolf." the boy with black hair and green eyes stands up. " I am the vampire. my name is Kazuki. " the neko boy with

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