How Much Are You Like Me??

How Much Are You Like Me??

by: IntoTheDark

Take dis quiz 2 c if we r twinz, kinda alike, or total oppositez. I lyk every1 so da resultz realli dnt matter!!!

  1. 1

    Pick your favorite color out of these!!

  2. 2

    Are You A Perv?? (Be Honest)

  3. 3

    Pick Your Favorite Saying Out Of These.

  4. 4

    Have You Ever Been In Love??

  5. 5

    Do You Have Secrets?? (Not the Stupid Kind)

  6. 6

    How Often Do You Cry??

  7. 7

    Have You Ever Just Wanted Someone That You Can Tell Everything To??

  8. 8

    Is It Just Me Or Did This Quiz Get Slightly Depressing??

  9. 9

    What Color Is Your Hair??

  10. 10

    Pick Your Favorite.

  11. 11

    Destery Moore or Shane Dawson??

  12. 12

    Are You Going To Add Me, Comment, Or Both?? (Neither isn't an option!)

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