WWYFF Werewolf, Vampire, Demon or Dark Angel #4????

WWYFF Werewolf, Vampire, Demon or Dark Angel #4????

by: Twi_Shelly123

OKAY......... U went shopping with Max and had an amazing time!!! He even fought for u at the mall!! Then when u guys came home and Adrian was waiting at ur door ur heart skipped a beat!!! He was soo cute! u were sad when he saw u kiss Max. He left feeling sad. U went in ur room and found a date invitation from Josh and u had to accept!! So here is how this day went!!

  1. 1

    Did u read the recap???

  2. 2

    u wake up in the morning and look out ur window."wow the sun looks awesome!! Purple!!" u say. "its beautiful but not nearly as perfect as watching u." u turn to see

  3. 3

    Max looking at u with a grin. He took ur hand and kissed it! "Long time no see." he says and u laugh. "how did u get in?" u ask. he shrugs and disappears. U hear the door open. "_ can i come in?"

  4. 4

    u hear Mason ask. "Yes" He comes in with a tray of food and u smile brightly. "OMG thank u Mason u rock!!" he blushes "no problem."

  5. 5

    He sits on ur bed and pats the space beside him. u sit beside him and eat. "__ this is for u." he gives u a long sheet of paper rolled up. "Thanks."

  6. 6

    u open it up and realize that its a portrait of u at a water fall sitting beside someone but u couldn't quite see his face. "WOW Mason this is amazing I love it thank u." U give him a hug and realize

  7. 7

    He smiled and it made ur heart skip a beat. "_ I wanted to tell u what I am." U look at him and nod encouragingly.

  8. 8

    "I'm a Dark Angel. The portrait i painted is of ur true partner and u. The reason u can't see the face is because u havent decided who ur true love is yet." he said looking at u with such intensity.

  9. 9

    "wow. That's great. This is beautiful i love it." U gave him a kiss on the cheek and he smiled. He got up and took the tray of finished food away. "see u later." he said.

  10. 10

    u watched him leave in satisfaction. He was so sweet and majorly cute. u turned aroung=d and saw max looking no glaring at u. "what?" u ask suspiciously. he shrugs and looks out the window. "nothing."

  11. 11

    "what is it Max?" u say touching his arm. "Ugh.. don't do that!" he sighs. "Do what?" u say. "Charm me! Its like i would do anything for u anybody would." He said looking at u.

  12. 12

    He walks over to u puts a hand on ur chin and forces u to look at him. "I know. Believe me I do. Forgive my harsh words. I was just bothered by Mason's interest in u." U laugh and he stares at u

  13. 13

    He laughs. "How did u disappear so quick did u leave the room?" He shook his head. "Nope. I just hid from Mason. I wouldn't have been able to hide from Adrian or Josh." he smiled at the last part.

  14. 14

    "Why not?" u ask. "Its because Josh and Adrian have sensory smell and they get a Vampire scent and know if its a stranger or if its me." he said. "Mason cant do that." he said.

  15. 15

    u were about to say something else when he got up. "Josh is coming to get u for ur date. I must go. Have fun, but not too much fun. I will be watching." He grinned and left without another word.

  16. 16

    u got ready and looked great with a lovely brown lace summer dress and some lip gloss and eye liner. u heard a knock and went to open the door. "__ r u ready?" Josh asked from behind u.

  17. 17

    "yup!! Oh wow Josh u look amazing!" u gushed and it was soo true! he looked completely gorgeous. He was wearing a black dress shirt and a dark pair of jeans which made him look like a model. He

  18. 18

    "I'm serious. Its sounds corny but I mean it." He held ur hand and he lead u down stairs and out the door. U guys walked all the way to a small park.

  19. 19

    "We're at the park?" u ask confused. he shakes his head. "Nope. Unless u wanna stay here." He grins when u shake ur head. "The place is just a little further." He leads u down a long path which leads

  20. 20

    "Omg Josh this is amazing! No even BETTER!!! i love it!" He leads to a bench and u guys sit down. "its my secret hide out!"

  21. 21

    u guys sat there hand in hand looking around in silence. It wasnt an awkward silence it was a comforting silence. Just being together not needing words to express ur feelings. It felt perfect.

  22. 22

    "___?" he turned to u. Ur heart skipped a beat and u thought about kissing him. U blushed. "I want to play something for u. I wrote it myself." He said.

  23. 23

    From behind him he pulled out a guitar and began playing the most beautiful song u'd ever heard! he finally finished and he looked at u. "OH JOSH!!! I love it! I absoletly love it! Thank u!! I cant

  24. 24

    "HEY GUYS WHATS UP???!!" u hear from behind u. U guys look to see Adrian coming. He slides in between u guys and holds ur hand. "so Josh.. nice place u got here." Adrian said looking around.

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