HORSE-ALOOZA 1: How much do you know about horses?

by: Moco

News Forum- Creating quizzes in the subject of horses. Methods of care, what you know about them, and a story (basically an article of horse care) . All equine/horse subjects made by me from Thur: 6/6/11 thru Mon: 6/10/11 are part of my new event, called Horse-alooza. By taking part in Horse-alooza, all you gotta do is take on of my quizzes, or read an article(story) of mine!

6 questions total

  1. 1

    What is a forelock?

  2. 2

    If you want to ride your horse, what are the two most important things you should do before riding?

  3. 3

    What coats should the sire and dam be to produce a palomino coat?

  4. 4

    About how many times a month should you change the horses' bedding?

  5. 5

    What can you do to show your horse you appreciate it?

  6. 6

    How should you secure your horse while cleaning it's stall?

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