who would fall for you part 7

who would fall for you part 7

by: Cristi_Much_Like_Falling

So we left off when Ian told u the truth about ur real parent's and u started crying unable 2 believe what happent and then Nathan came and huged u!
(Thank u 2 all the people u take my quizzes every time special thanks 2 Arreis44,CharleighAnn,FlashingBink and of course all the other's love you so much!!!)

  1. 1

    '(_) dont cry please',Jonah said getting up & kneeled infront of u.He wiped ur tears from ur cheeks but u just could not help it & kept crying.'Im sorry',u said trying 2 stop & giggle a bit.

  2. 2

    'Its hard 2 believe it but is sad & touching',u laughed.'Dont worry,ur not along',Jonah says,gets up & brinngs u a glass of water.'Ru alright?',Nathan asked leaving u now.'Yes thank u'

  3. 3

    'U silly girl dont be sad',Evan laughed & came behind u,pulling carefully ur hair away from ur face.'Everything its going 2 be fine we r 2gether now',Ray said smiling.'Yes',u said much better.

  4. 4

    'We sould take her 2 lay down,she needs some rest',Ian said,Where?'Ray asked getting up,'2 somebodys room till she has her own,'Nathan replied.'Mine-no mine is-better-no its not-yes its is,'

  5. 5

    'Guys!',Evan yeld,'if it is 4 fighting ill take her 2 a living room then.'Mine living room-no mine',they started again.'SHUT UP!',Evan yeld again,'ur acting like kids,thats it ill take her 2 my room'.

  6. 6

    He gave u a hand 2 get up but when u did u lost ur balance & feel on him.Ur hands & head were on his chest!His arms wrapped around ur waist.'Ru ok?'he asked.'My head hurts and im a bit dizzy.

  7. 7

    U say,puting ur hands 2 his shoulders 4 help.He smirks & he puts 1 hand 2 ur back under ur arms & the other behind ur knees lifting u up & holding u close.'Dont worry ill take ya',he said.

  8. 8

    U put ur arms slowly around his neck & buried ur head 2 his chest from the pain.He then after walking a while broughted u into a big room & placed u slowly on a soft bed.He sat nxt 2u & open ur eyes.

  9. 9

    'Tnk u so much Evan',u said smiling weakly.He smiled kindly back with a wink.He took ur hand into his & then covered u with a warm blacket.'Try 2 go 2 sleep',he said slowly.'I cant my head hurts 2much

  10. 10

    'Wait',he said & walked out of the room.He came in again & in a minute Jonah walked in.'Put her 2 sleep',Evan told him.Jonah came close & said'It wont hurt & it will make the pain go away.

  11. 11

    He put his hand on ur forehead & u felt something tickling.Ur vision started blurring but u were able 2 see Evan & Jonah up both angry 4 something.U then fell asleep.

  12. 12

    hope u liked it comment rate both bye

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