who would fall for you part 8

who would fall for you part 8

by: Cristi_Much_Like_Falling

So we left off when Evan picked u up coz u were unable 2 walk & he broughted u 2 his room 2 rest.He then called Jonah who put u 2 sleep but b4 u did u saw Jonah & Evan up both angry 4 something.Thanks 2 all the people who always take my quizzes,comment & rate!

  1. 1

    U start waking up slowly at Evans room & is quite dark so u look 4 a light.U found it & turn it on when suddenly u see Ray was there looking u.'Jeez Ray u scared me'u laugh','Sorry',he laughed 2'.

  2. 2

    'How r ya?he asks,'Much better',u say,'why r u here?'I was just waiting 4u2 wake up'.he says taking a face like he did something bad.'Evan left me stay so i did!'Aww thats so nice of u'.

  3. 3

    U say taking a cute face & he blushed.'Um Ray?'u say getting up a bit.'Yes? do u know if something happened b4 with Jonah & Evan?'Umm yeah better if i say nothing right now,but u have every right 2kno

  4. 4

    'U better ask them',he said.'OK',u say,'R u hungry?'he asked with a smile.'A bit what time is it',u say geting up & siting on the bed now.'Its late,lets go eat something',he says giving u a hand.

  5. 5

    'Alright'u say & u guys leave the room.U get downstairs 2 the kitchen & put some cereals 2 eat.'Lets go 2 my living room',he said,'u guys have ur own living rooms?'u say surprised.'YEAH!!'he says.

  6. 6

    'It must be a huge house'.It is',he said,'if u like i-i can give u atour one day'.LOVED 2',u say & smile sweetly.U guys then went 2 his living room,sat close 2 a fireplace,talked,had fun & a good time

  7. 7

    'So what else?'u said happy.'I-i want 2 do something but please dont get mad',he said slowly.'OK',u say comfused.He then started leaning closer & closer,till u were a few inches away 2 kiss each other

  8. 8

    When u heard a knock on the door & u pulled away quicly.Evan opened the door with a kinda mad look 2 his face.'FINALY',he shouted,(_)I found u,u know how much time it took me 2 find u in this freaken

  9. 9

    'huge house',he laughed.'Its late,u sould go 2 sleep,in my room.Come on'.'OK' u say 'just a minute 2 clean a bit'.'OK ill wait 2 the kitchen',he said & left.

  10. 10

    'Im-'Ray started but was cut off by u kissing him 2 the cheek!!!!'Good night Ray',u say and leave.

  11. 11

    THE END!thn u 4 taking my quiz hope u liked it,comment rate,both.This quiz was 4 all the 'Ray' fans and it will get better with all the guys dont worry bye!!

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