who would fall for you part 6

by: Cristi_Much_Like_Falling

So we left off when Ray was telling u that u r at another realm,a magic one and that u can't go back 2 urs not just because u know 2 much but 4 something else 2

  1. 1

    'What is that?'u asked scared & sad.'() dont be scared or sad'Nathan said coz he felt how u did.'() u dont have 2 go back anymore,this is where u belong now & since ever here with us'Ray said with a

  2. 2

    'Wait i dont understand'u said comfused.'U made a bad start Ray,shes comfused now'Ian said.'Lets start from the beginning'Ian says,gets up,takes his chair & comes nxt 2u.'All started 16-17 years ago'.

  3. 3

    'Ur realm was a nice,peacefull,magic place full of happiness.We were all 2gether b4 here.Once ur good leader came 2 ur realm 2 see how humans live.There he met a woman so beautifull & happy.He fell in

  4. 4

    'He told her the truth scared that he might loose her but she believed him & so he took her & brought her here'.As Ian was talking u started tearing.'He married her & the had a wonderfull life.

  5. 5

    'They even had a child that is said that has all the human beauty of the woman & all the powers & more from ur leader.That child is u (_)',Ian said taking u hand.'Ur leader was a good wizard &

  6. 6

    'U were living with ur parents at a big castle till u were 3 years old & we were ther 2 with ya coz ur parents were magical beings working 4 ur father who took us as his own kids.

  7. 7

    'Ur father had a younger brother who was good then but one day he declared war against ur father 2 take his throne & thats why ur father went back 2 find a couple 2 take u.

  8. 8

    'He gave ur mother powers and they fought 2 the death.B4 they died i remember',he said holding ur hand stronger now,'the day they erased ur memories,they were on their knees,holding u into their arms'

  9. 9

    'Crying & sad that they were loosing u but it was 4 ur own good.When they finished thay gave u 2 the couple u also knew evrthg & sent u back.Then he said 2 us that one day when the time is right we

  10. 10

    'Bring u back coz u r the 1 who has the power 2 end this war.We promiced that we wll come 4 ur childhood friend 2 bring u back & fight with u till the end & here we r we kept that promice.

  11. 11

    'What happent 2 them?',u said crying,'they gave their lives 4u & us 2 they both died in ur room minutes after they gave u away.'His own brother killed them',Nathan said tearing a bit.

  12. 12

    He then came up behind u & huged u hard,burying his head 2 ur shoulder

  13. 13

    Hope u like it bye bye comment,rate,both

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