Who will you fall for? Demon, vampire, angel, or werewolf? part 2

by: Starry_Eyed

YAY! you got all of your coments so I am making a part two! And everyone that posted a coment can give themselves a pat on the back for making it possible for there to BE a part 2! I thank you all! And so you dont have to go look the people to thank are IAm_Not_APerfect_Princess, Devilish_girl, SmileyReilly, Morganizer, and Citystyle :) you guys are amazing :)

  1. 1

    How ya doing? Just wanted to add another thanks to the first people that comented and made this part two happen! Thank you!

  2. 2

    So we left off where you blacked out hoping that you will wake up right?

  3. 3

    So you start to wake up in a dull colored looking room. Everything is just a plain sort of tan and you blush when you see that all you are wearing is...

  4. 4

    Some one cracks the door and peeks in. You noticed him last night but didnt get a good look at him. He had brown hair and brown eyes, nothing really amazingly special, "hey! guys shes up!" he yells do

  5. 5

    The blonde one steps forward, "uh hi, I am Daniel nice to meet you. I know you are very confused right now but just hold on and it will all be fine." You look at him a tear in your eye when you realiz

  6. 6

    You say what number four says (dont change answer) and the guys looks all soften up. The one with black hair say, "I'm Jake. Blondie over there is Daniel, the one with green eyes is Nate and the last

  7. 7

    "Oh, wow." Is all you say. You cant think of anything else TO say. "and what do you need my help for?" Jake gave a bitter laugh, "see that we dont know. Not only do we not know how you can help. We al

  8. 8

    "So anyways." Jake runs up and puts the knife to your neck and Daniel and Nate both start to come at him, "stop or I will kill her!" They bot stop and nate takes one slow step forward, "jake you dont,

  9. 9

    Jake eyes u and then puts down the knife, "I am going to bed." he says storming out, "but its pretty early" Jake turns around and looks at Daniel, "Well I am tired. Night" just like that he was gone.

  10. 10

    Now that he was gone Nate smiled at you, "got spark you do. You bit me, I sure as hell didnt expect that." You look up at him, "well you were a grown man trying to overpower me." you said angerly

  11. 11

    Nate gives u a cocky smile, "well u are going 2 get some rest u must be tired." Daniel grabs Nates sleeve, "should we tell her?" Nate looks at u up and down "nope" They walk out and turn off the light

  12. 12

    CLIFF HANGER! what did you think of part two?! coment and let me know! and if I dont get enough coments, there wont be another one.

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