who would fall for you part 3

by: Cristi_Much_Like_Falling

So we left off at the part that u woke up at a strange room & than the 5 guys from the club came in and introduced them selfs.After that they left u so u can get dresed & one of them will now come and take u 2 have a serious talk!!!

  1. 1

    When Ray left the room u took ur clothes from the foot of the couch that Ian have left them & put them on.u were fast so as long as u were waiting u looking the room.

  2. 2

    A nice decorated room,warm from the fireplace but also from itself.It had paintings with stuff related 2 nature,forests,animals especially wolfs.

  3. 3

    U were fooling around till u heard a knock on the door 'Come in' u said.The door opens & is Nathan.'Hey' he says 'im here 2 show u the way down we need 2 talk'. 'ok' u said 'what was ur name again'?

  4. 4

    U asked.Even though Jonah has told his name he got happy u asked him.'Nathan but u can call me Nate if u like' ' ok' u said & smiled wide.He smiled 2.'Come on' he said and u followed him

  5. 5

    At ur way down u guys were walking nxt eachother & even though u were looking at the house that is HUGE u also noticed the way Nathan was looking u.He was scaning from all the angles!!

  6. 6

    U giggle 2 ur self & he stops.He leads u 2 a big living room,nice decorated,with weird paintings that shows angel's cast down from heaven.In there r Jonah,Ian,Evan & Ray obviesly waiting 4 u.

  7. 7

    'Hey' Evan says,'U know why were here so because is kind of difficult 2 explen we r going 2 start with the hard part,'Ok' u say a littlie starlet actually.

  8. 8

    'We-we r human as u see but we r muthical creatures 2' he said.U wanted 2 laugh & said 'I almost believed u manu were so serious u almost got me'

  9. 9

    'I'm serious & i'm really trying 2 make u believe coz its the truth'.He said kinda disapointed.'Yeah?..do something,somebody' u said.Ian then pushes Ray closer 2 u.

  10. 10

    'What the heck man' Ray whispers 2 Ian.'Ur the easiest Evan is the hardest lets start with the easy stuff' Ian replyed.'Idk man' Ray said when he was ready 2 take his hat off.

  11. 11

    'Look its crazy 2 believe that but i need 2 know' u said.Ray was ready 2 take it off but Jonah got in the way & suddenly a HUGE pair of white wings reapt his sirt

  12. 12

    One by one start 2 showing what the r,Jonah a fallen angel,Nathan a demon when a HUGE pair of bat wings came out of his back.Ian a vampire when his eyes became shiny red and he reveald his fangs.

  13. 13

    Ray a neko when he(finally)took his hat & reveald his cat ears and then his tail & last one Evan when he suddenly start changing 2 a big black with shiny green eyes wolf bigger & taler that a human.

  14. 14

    U were standing there just staring and could believe what was going on & then u fainted again but Jonah got u from falling down.

  15. 15

    I hope u liked it please rate ar comment BYE BYE!!

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