Would i date you? (boys only plz) read intro to kno mor about me

by: heart_4_evr_broken

take this test 2 c if we wuld date
i have dark brown hair that goes to my shoulders, i have dark brown eyes and i wear contacs. i play on the basketball team at my school, i love sports, im very athletic, im super funny and i love horror and comedy movies annd i like all musiq except country, oldies, folk and western. and im nt judgemental. =)

  1. 1

    were would our first date be?

  2. 2

    woudl we kiss, hug, or both the 2nd date?

  3. 3

    its our month annevirsary, wt do we do?

  4. 4

    were at your parents houz and your brother flirts with me, wt do u do

  5. 5

    pik 1

  6. 6

    pik another one

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