who would fall for you part one

by: Cristi_Much_Like_Falling

so this is my 1st wwffu & im nervous coz it might suck!!! Anyway lets start,u r a 16-17 years old girl,tall,skinny,with pretty honey eyes and light brown straight long hair.U have an amazing voice & u play piano &!! one more thing u r a cute-hot & pretty amazing girl!!!!!

  1. 1

    the 1st guy has a gental look with blue or silver eyes,nice appropriate 4 the place clothes,his tall,with kinda silver hair 2

  2. 2

    the 2th one has blond hair,with golden eyes & a nice body(they all have).he looks sweet & cute

  3. 3

    the 3rd one has brown-red eyes,nice outfit,tall,brown hair & his staring!

  4. 4

    the 4th one has black hair,green eyes & a hot+dangerous look 2 his face,he looks active and wild,his tall with cool outfit & not shy at all(his eating u with his eyes)

  5. 5

    he has a nice look,baggy pants,paggy jacket & a hat.from his clothes and style he looks like his the youngest.his tall,with yellowish eyes that remind u a cat,his not siting or drinking his looking u

  6. 6

    the four of them ur getting up after saying something 2 the one u stays.his the one who looks wild!!!

  7. 7

    he sits there looking & then he gets up & ofers u a drink-Thank u-u say he smiles

  8. 8

    "would u come with me?"he tells u"over there were i was b4"ok"u say and smile wide 2 ur friend's

  9. 9

    u take ur stuff & go 2 the other table u both sit & start talking"so whats ur name''he asks-_-urs?u say

  10. 10

    ''ur nervous aren't u?''he says while his smile's wide''yes i gess i am''u say blusing

  11. 11

    ''i woulde't say a littlie hon u still holding ur stuff''he tells u with 1 breath''oh ur right'' u say & put them down

  12. 12

    ''so where were we?''he says''at the part that i asked ur name''u say''oh yeah im Evan''he says & gives u a wing.u blush

  13. 13

    so after talking,having fun & stuff u notice that is midnight & u panic''u seem scared?''he asks'''yeah its time 4 me 2 go''

  14. 14

    he smirks at u''i'm sorry but i hope we'll meet again''u say.he puls a paper & a pen from his pocket & give u his number

  15. 15

    he puts it in ur hand and says''just give me a call''ok bue u say fast & leave u walk out of the clup & is pretty dark,wierd thought's come 2ur mind but u keep walking

  16. 16

    a few feet away u feel a strong push from the back&someone pushes u against a wall.

  17. 17

    u strugle 2 get free put 1 hand is keeping ur mouth close & the other is touching ur body.u start kicking till u see 4 figures coming

  18. 18

    1 of them jumps onto the person & pushes him down u feel 2.the hit was powerfull enough though & made ur vision blur but u see 1 more figure coming out & helping the 2 other 2 kick ur attackers a**

  19. 19

    the 3 of them ur fighting & the other 2 r rushing over 2 u 2 help u till you pass out

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