Moderatly Difficult Morning Musume Quiz (Gen 1-8)

Moderatly Difficult Morning Musume Quiz (Gen 1-8)

by: xXPassionsBlossomXx

Have fun guys!!!!!!!!

  1. 1

    First line in "Mr Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~?"

  2. 2

    Oldest member at the time of their debut in Momusu?

  3. 3

    Is Tanaka Reina Christian?

  4. 4

    First Momusu member to give birth?

  5. 5

    Ogawa Makoto went to New Zealand to study English after graduating- TRUE OR FALSE?

  6. 6

    Most recognised song of Momusu?

  7. 7

    Last question - Tsunku's wife just gave birth to their 3(?) child during/straight after the 2011 Japan Tsunami/Earthquake disaster?

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