Green Day: Which song is this?

Green Day: Which song is this?

by: BMT_RageAndLove

The first lyrics are given, but which song do they belong to?

  1. 1

    'Wake up, the house is on fire...'

  2. 2

    'This is a public service anouncement, this is only a test...'

  3. 3

    'All brawn and no brains, yeah, and all those nice things, yeah...'

  4. 4

    'Now it seems I can't keep my mind above you...'

  5. 5

    'Do you know what's worth fighting for when it's not worth dieing for...'

  6. 6

    'We're living in repetition...'

  7. 7

    'Dear mother, can you hear me whineing...'

  8. 8

    'Sing us a song of the century...'

  9. 9

    'Can you hear the sound of the static noise blasting down the sterio...'

  10. 10

    'Thought I ran into you down on the street...'

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