(GIRLS ONLY!)Another one of those "what the Harry potter characters think of you" quizzes,but more random!

by: HermioneJeanWeasley

Hope you love my quiz this is my first one! This quiz is for Harry potter maniacs that love him so much! all your favorite characters as well...such as Harry ,Ron, Hermoine ,Draco, Dumbledore ,Severus snape , pansy ,Ginny ,Voldemort ,Sirius ,James potter ,and Lily potter! Please rate and comment(I wouldn't be hurt if you said that this was the stupidest most idiotic quiz you have ever taken!)sorry about the girls only,it just makes it easier...
If you like this quiz please tell me,Megan!=)

  1. 1

    You see a kid get bullied you...

  2. 2

    (you knew this was coming)favorite color?

  3. 3

    favorite food?

  4. 4

    What is the most important thing you have

  5. 5

    Who would you date?

  6. 6

    Which Harry potter character would you bring back to life with the resserction stone?

  7. 7

    which deathly hallow is your favorite?

  8. 8

    Who is your favorite girl...out of these?

  9. 9

    who is your favorite couple

  10. 10

    which Harry potter book is your fav

  11. 11

    What is you favorite genre of music?

  12. 12

    If professor Flitwick came up to you and told you you are missing work you...

  13. 13

    Your animagus is...

  14. 14

    What is your favorite beverage?

  15. 15

    What is your favorite design of a house

  16. 16

    Favorite counter top material

  17. 17

    like drawing?

  18. 18

    what is your favorite pattern

  19. 19

    If you could draw something to represent you what would you draw?

  20. 20

    Did you like my quiz

  21. 21

    One last question...should I make another?

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