What Ke$ha song are you?

by: Pacific08
  1. 1

    A not-so-good-looking guy/girl asks you to the movies..

  2. 2

    You want to break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend of 2 years. You...

  3. 3

    Pretending that you could go anywhere you chose, you and friends would spend a typical night..

  4. 4

    The trait you look for most in someone you like?

  5. 5

    If you were trapped with someone on an island for infinite, the person would be...

  6. 6

    Which is the worst?

  7. 7

    Your social life is best described as...

  8. 8

    If you were an element, what would it be?

  9. 9

    You're best known for...

  10. 10

    If you could have ANYTHING, it would be...

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