Who will fall for A demon, vampire, neko, werewolf, angel, or an elf P9

Who will fall for A demon, vampire, neko, werewolf, angel, or an elf P9

by: Rawrmonsterr
  1. 1

    So....we left off.....when Noah kissed you?

  2. 2

    The both of you walk downstairs and pretend that nothing happened, but it doesnt work. You're blushing heavily and everyone is staring at you

  3. 3

    You ignore everyone stares and sit down. You notice that Zachary was missing, but you kinda knew why he wasnt there. After breakfast to went to Zachary's room

  4. 4

    You knock on the door and it opens. You walk in. There were curtains that blocked out all sunlight. The door gently shut behind you, making it completely dark in Zachary's room

  5. 5

    A lantern was turned on. You could faintly see Zachary and you knew that all he could see was your face and shadows. "You okay?" You ask. "Not really." he replys. "I basicially tried to rapppe you."

  6. 6

    "It's not your fault." You say. "No it is. I didnt have to do that" He replys "Zachary dont worry about it." You whisper and sat down on his bed. "Everyone's saying that there's a reason or story

  7. 7

    He sat down next to you. "About 3 years ago we found this world and were turned into these creatures. I'm the only one that can go back to the real world having a decent amount of energy for awhile.

  8. 8

    "Most people from the real world cant see us and those that can, can help us. 3 years ago I found a girl that could see me and offered to help since she knew. I fell in love with her and she loved me

  9. 9

    "A few years later we encountered an evil sorceress and she killed my loved one. The sorceress escaped and she still lives today." he said. You found that you were tearing up. "I thought I couldnt

  10. 10

    "What does this have to do with me?" You asked "It kinda has a big part. When i saw you and you were able to see me,,,,I thought you were her. You two look so much alike. There's no difference between

  11. 11

    "The rapppe thing?" You questioned. "There's more to it though. The guys and I argued for the days you were unconscious. They thought it would be best to keep you away from me. I was so sure that you

  12. 12

    You wiped the tears off Zach's face "I understand. I accept your apology." You said "Thank you, Dottie." he said "I also feel guilty. I'm falling in love with you too."

  13. 13

    He kisses you on the cheek. "I cant feel that way for you. At least not right now." You tell him. He nods his head. "I should go the others are probably looking for me." You say getting up and

  14. 14

    Stopping here peopleses. I know this one was kinda long, but whatcha think?

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