Who's you Naruto boyfriend and name(girls only)

by: NonaNona

Okay this is my first Naruto quiz I've made. Be nice. This is being made in part due to the fact that I need to get over my Naruto boyfriend quiz addiction cause I had a addiction to Harry potter quizzes and then I made one and then I got over it and so me and Naruto are going to ask the questions(because when ever I take these I get Naruto!!)Also sasuke and Garaa wouldnt volentarily come so there strapped to a chair so everyone will give commentairy but if you hear stuff is them!bye!!

  1. 1

    Me:k every time you get this questionhides behind Naruto and Naruto takes out a kuni knifewhat's your favorie color

  2. 2

    naruto:whats your personality like

  3. 3

    pick one

  4. 4

    RP Naruto comes and asks you out for ramen what do you say

  5. 5

    last ? Will you comment? I wanna know what you got

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